Hi, I'm Cami and welcome to Foodoo where I celebrate the power of delicious food.

For me, cooking has always felt like a kind of magic, like casting a spell. In the temple of my kitchen, the altar of my countertop allows me to ritually prepare crazy concoctions, of which the end result has a tangible impact on my victim, err… I mean guest. This was my inspiration for Foodoo. I want to capture the power food has to change and transport with a mouthful. 

I love food. I live food. If I’m not cooking or eating I’m thinking about my next meal, or reading about food, or watching endless hours of food-related TV (or sometimes, doing all at once). I'm writing from the shores of Lake Ontario, where the winters are long and cold, and the summers short and crazy hot. I pull inspiration from my Canadian/Peruvian heritage, years in the food service industry and travels, all of which have left me hungry and curious.

All right, I’ll admit it. Most of these recipes are neither healthy nor simple, but they are f-ing tasty, so I hope you enjoy!